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Welcome to Seamless Care Pharmacy

Seamless Care Pharmacy is a specialized pharmacy with commitment to creating a safe medication management system with our community partners through innovations and professional communication. Inspired by the need for quality care and support for special individuals and guided by high standards of national guidelines, we are striving to provide exceptional service for each unique individual.

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Products and Services Offered by Seamless Care:

Care System MedPouch Blister Pack Free Delivery Web Portal Free Vitamins Free Consultation

Partnership in creating safe and effective medication management system


MedPouch organizes all medications for each iIntake in one pouch.

Blister Pack

Blister Pack pre-packs a patient’s medications for a full week by time of day (morning, lunch, supper, and bedtime).

Free Delivery

Reliable scheduled deliveries and prompt deliveries for urgent services.

Web Portal

Web portal improves medication administration system and facilitates the communication with clients.

Free Vitamins

Free vitamins and selected generic medications for client who is eligible for compliance packaging.

Free Consultation

Free consultation, MedCheck, and presentations on healthcare topics.