Seamless Care Pharmacy is a specialized pharmacy which provides comprehensive medication management systems to residential care facilities. We are committed to creating a safe medication management system with our community partners through innovations and professional communication. Inspired by the need for quality care and support for special individuals and guided by high standards of national guidelines, we are striving to provide exceptional service for each unique individual.
Our Mission is to prove that implementing and promoting available evidence based safe and effective pharmacy practices will help more people to improve their health and will create a sustainable and reliable health care resource within our communities.
Every patient in every community will be served by dedicated highly qualified professional pharmacists who provide the most accessible and the best available health care services that aim to ensure safe and effective medication management and chronic disease management.
  • We value our ultimate commitment to our clients and our communities
  • We value human interaction’s intimacy, empathy and respect
  • We value pursuing excellence in learning, performing and serving
  • We value benefiting from human wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom
  • We value innovation by translating human wealth of knowledge to services that improve our performance, and improve our client’s quality of life

Our Services


Compliance Package

Accurate & error-resistant packaging solutions.

Home-Centred Service

Comprehensive supports to residential care facilities

Technical and Education Supports

Dedicated supports with IT solutions

Prompt Deliveries

Our patients receive our services where they live, work and play.

Our Pharmacists

Marwah Younis, RPh, CDE, CRE, CGP
Marwah Younis, RPh, CDE, CRE, CGPDirector of Home-Centred Pharmacy Services
Mona Younis, RPh
Mona Younis, RPhDirector of Clinical Education
  • Doctor of Pharmacy- University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)- University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)- Queen’s University

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Young Kim, RPh, CDE
Young Kim, RPh, CDEPharmacist

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Mandana Kardar, RPh
Mandana Kardar, RPhPharmacist
  • Certified for pharmaceutical care from Minnesota university
  • Certified for medication management from Dalhousie university
  • Certified for Canadian health care system from University of Toronto
  • Certified for Flu injection and first aid&CPR

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