Exceptional Safety and Quality

Services to your Exceptional Residents.

We hope that you will take the next five minutes to go through our enclosed booklet. This package explains the promise that we owe to our patients: our daily strive to keep your residents safe and our ongoing aim to enable the full potential of each senior’s life.

We hope that our booklet will raise your interest in scheduling a meeting with us. Allow us to present our long standing proven records and professional experience with our Long-Term Care Residents. Let us prove to you how our partnership can help your team in implementing high standards and cost-saving processes to all medication-related services provided to your valued residents.

Sincerely yours,

Murad Younis, Doctor of Pharmacy

Certified Geriatric Pharmacist,
Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist,
Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist,
Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist,
Certified Advanced Diabetes Manager,
Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist,
Certified Nutrition Support Clinician.

State of the Art Technology

Automated Dispensing and Packaging System

Seamless Care incorporates automated dispensing machines PacMed®, PacVision®, SYNMED®, and PARATA®, to ensure the accuracy and traceability of dispensing and packaging medications.


« Robotic Dispensing Machine Ensures Accuracy
« Automated Packaging Eliminates Human Errors
« Customized Pack Avoids Confusion
« Personalized Label Prevents Mistakes
« Convenient Design of Detachable Packages

Exceptional Clinical Services

Highly Qualified Consultant Pharmacists

Because we believe excelling in knowledge, skills, and competency is the driving force for our pharmacists, who communicate with doctors and nurses daily, our pharmacy is the home for the highest number of specialized consultant pharmacists in Canada.

Degree-icon Doctor of Pharmacy
Degree-icon Certified Geriatric Pharmacists
Degree-icon Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist
Degree-icon Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
Degree-icon Certified Diabetes Educators

We are members of your interdisciplinary team implementing RAI-MDS

graph Will conduct medication reviews within 14 days of admission, quarterly as well as when any significant changes occur with the resident’s health status.
graph Will be members of your quality improvement team that monitor Quality Indicators and be a part of your Resource Utilization Group.


Long History of Resident’s Safety and Satisfaction

Dr. Younis, President of Seamless Care Drug Therapy now has the designation of being the only pharmacist in the world currently certified in the four of the six specialties recognized by the board of pharmacy specialties. He clearly conveys a remarkable level of professional expertise and obvious commitment to the advancement of clinical pharmacy practice and his patients welfare.

Richard Berlin, PhD, RPh
Executive Director, Board of Pharmacy Specialties
Seamless Care Pharmacy is accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, which is awarded to organizations that go beyond the requirements of Accreditation Canada and demonstrate excellence in quality improvement.

Wendy Nicklin
President and CEO, Accreditation Canada
The Seamless Care Pharmacy team is extremely helpful in providing services and support to our program manager and caregivers. The technical support phone line is always available and helpful to provide a solution whenever there is a medication-related inquiry. The pharmacists visit our clients and homes on a regular basis to provide educations and training to our staff and clients. The pharmacist volunteer in participating in our ethical committees and medication safety committees and provide the audit support to our management team.

Rob Adams
Executive Director, DMHS
Seamless Care Pharmacy has contributed to the agency’s quality and risk management policy, and has been very responsive when changes and modifications are needed for compliance related concerns. They have contributed to a person’s plan of care details when requested and have readily consulted with support staff, supervisors and family members when needed. Since implementing the Seamless Care dispensing system, we have experienced a reduction in medication errors. We are very satisfied with the services we receive from Seamless Care Pharmacy and would refer their services to other agencies.

Terri Gray
Executive Director, CLOC

Safe Medication Practice



Empowering Technology